Journaltastisch Planner 2018


Are you ready to get your to-dos under control?

I know that setting up a new - or especially your very first - planner can seem like a daunting task. That is why I created the Journaltastisch Planner 2018. It not only includes over 200 printables to make 2018 highly productive for YOU. It also comes with detailed guides on how to get the most use out of these pages. I have been using this system for two years now and it not only helps me to stay on top of my personal to-do lists but it also enabled me to create a business I love and care about.

About the Essentials Pack

This planner is meant to start your year off strong and keep going like this until the next one arrives. To make sure you are finally doing the things you always wanted to do, the Essentials Pack of the Journaltastisch Planner 2018 comes with over 200 printable pages. They include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly spreads as well as other essentials like Habit Tracker, Index, Cleaning Plan and many more.

Additionally, this pack includes a printing and cutting guide, so that no matter if you want to use a bound notebook or a binder you can set up this planner easily.

It also includes a guide on how to get the most use out of the printables included, which next to a detailed introduction comes with lots of tips and inspirational images.

And, of course, this planner will come in A5 as well as US Half Letter size.

Become part of an exclusive Facebook Group! This group will allow us to share our layouts, help each other grow and allow me to add to the planner continuously while making sure you don’t miss an update. I have a lot of fun things planned to make sure you crush your goals this year. We are in this together!


The Creative Pack will include many printables to get your creative juices flowing. To make this planner not only a productivity booster but also a lot of fun to use. So additionally to everything I already named above you get 25 more printables. They are all hand-drawn with a lot of care and an eye for detail. And they include fun pages like books to read, mandalas to color and quotes to get inspired by.

As an extra bonus, everyone who decides on this package will get a 40% discount code for the printables in my Etsy Shop. So if there are pages you already had an eye on and which you want to add to this planner you can do so for an amazing deal!


The day I created my own personal planner from scratch I had no idea how much it would change for me. I finally stopped putting my big goals on the backburner and instead tackled them head-on. Which not only resulted in building an online business I love but also let a lifelong dream turn into reality: publishing my first book! This only was possible because I finally had a planner that allowed me to use my time efficiently, emptied my desk, and made sure my many ideas weren’t scattered all over the place covered in dust. Instead, they are well documented and always easy to access. I truly believe that you can get there too and I’m here to help you!

Get rid of all your loose papers and multiple calendars. And create a planner which is unique and perfect for you.


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You'll get one zip-file including 7-11 PDF files, depending on the tier you choose.

204-229 Pages
A5/US Half Letter
Cut Lines
Personal Use
This is a digital download. No physical item will be shipped.

Journaltastisch Planner 2018